Talks & Programs

The Rules of Victory is a snapshot of one point in an ongoing inquiry. Our study of the strategies from Sun Tzu's Art of War began long before our translation of The Art of War, and it will most likely continue well into the future. We look forward to the opportunity to work more closely with those of you who find these strategies helpful.

For over two decades we have been involved in helping organizations and individuals apply the principles of The Art of War in a wide variety of environments, including corporations, nonprofits, leadership programs, and one-on-one advising.

Here are some ways that can take place:

Presentations for your meeting or event

Here are some examples of presentations tailored to your event or audience:


  • The Art of War's Strategic Skills: Shih and the Tipping Point
  • From Knowledge to Knowing: The Next Step in Leadership
  • Extraordinary Measures for Extraordinary Times: Lessons from Art of War
  • Creating Project Momentum: Transforming Chaos and Conflict


We can work with a leadership group for a day, a weekend, or on an ongoing basis.

One-on-one advising

Here we work directly with you on a particular challenge, campaign, or conflict, either by telephone or in person.


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