Denma Art of War Editions

Here are some of our previous works on The Art of War. If these are not available from your favorite local bookstore, you may purchase any or all of these titles from your favorite online bookseller or directly from our publisher. We provide the links to their sites below.

The Art of War: The Denma Translation
Most translations of The Art of War present the classic Sun Tzu text solely from a military, historical, or academic perspective. While the Denma translation is faithful to those perspectives, it is the only translation that presents the text’s broader meaning as a wisdom text, thus enabling modern-day readers to apply its insights to contemporary challenges with greater effectiveness. This edition of the The Art of War includes line-by-line commentary as well as in-depth essays on key themes.


The Art of War Box: Book and Card Deck
This unique book-and-card kit will help readers gain new insight into the text and the powerful philosophy that underlies it. Here, the core teachings of the Sun Tzu are presented in the form of fifty maxims displayed on beautifully produced cards with commentary on the reverse side of each. Also included is a fold-out card stand, and a paperback book that includes a full translation of the text and illuminating essays on the central ideas that have made The Art of War a perennial classic.


Art of War: Book and Audio-CD Set
This book-and-CD set allows Sun Tzu’s words to return to their original medium—the spoken word. Included here on three CDs is a reading of the complete Art of War, as well as a reading of the text interspersed with helpful commentary. The booklet features an introduction to Sun Tzu’s teachings, The Art of War text, and in-depth essays on its key ideas.

Art of War: The Denma Translation Audio

In this audio edition of the Art of War, Sun Tzu's words return to their original medium—the spoken word—revealing new layers of meaning and insight within the text.