Book Excerpts

Here are some excerpts from The Rules of Victory for you to sample.

From The Introduction

This gives you an overview of what we present in the book.

     Every day events occur, both close at hand and around the world, that dramatically illustrate one of the greatest challenges human beings face: finding a better way to deal with conflict and chaos. Every disaster, man-made or natural, every social or political challenge, every effort to effect change in every aspect of our lives, has these elements woven into it. And in most every situation, our failures leave us with the gnawing question: how could we have done that better?

The Art of War by Sun Tzu has long been one of the world’s primary resources for working with this challenge... [more]


From Chapter Two: View, Practice, and Action

The Art of War text is one of the world’s first whole-system handbooks. From Chapter two, this excerpt is about how to work with whole systems, whether it is the Art of War or the challenge you face.

       If respecting the wholeness and integrity of the Sun Tzu text itself means that we are not able to simplify it into prescriptions, how can we evoke its wisdom and power in our lives? How can we penetrate beneath a superficial understanding and apply its profound methods to the conflict and chaos we experience here and now? To do so, we need to take the Sun Tzu’s view of the world as our starting point and then look more closely at...[more]


From Chapter Six: Action

In this chapter we talk about how to apply the strategies from the Art of War to your life, and combine lines from the Sun Tzu with people's stories about how the text helped them discover skillful action.

Offering Advantage

              How one can make the enemy arrive of their own accord—

                            offer them advantage.                          [chapter 6]


              You shape the conflict, bringing the enemy to the battlefield of your choice. Offer real or imagined advantage to move them, threaten real or imagined harm to restrict them.

From a secondary school history teacher near Brighton, England

I had been working for a number of years with a major cultural institution to bring Holocaust survivors into the school to tell their life stories to the children. I struck up quite a good relationship with the people in the cultural center who deal...[more]